Dr Sue Palmer-Conn C.Psychol


Mindset & Resilience Coach

to women over 50 following divorce


Reach for the skies.   

Be the pilot not the passenger in your life.







I offer a number of programmes which can be done one-to one face-to-face or over the telephone or online, small online group work, weekend retreats.


Finding resilience in difficult times:


In this programme we cover the 5 pillars of resilience

  • improving your emotional, physical and psychological energy
  • future focus - goal setting
  • deveoping your inner drive
  • developing flexibe thinking patterns
  • developing strong relationships


5 steps to overcome your inner critic


  • practising forgiveness
  • employing a growth mindset
  • expressing gratitude
  • finding the right level of generosity
  • becoming mindful


Dealing with the emotional stages of divorce


  • denial
  • shock/anger
  • rollercoaster
  • bargaining
  • letting go
  • acceptance



Positive parenting after divorce


  • understanding your child's needs
  • seting boundaries
  • rewards and discipline
  • keeping your cool and carrying on
  • building a positive relationship




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